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All our engineering and design services are underpinned by our integrated safety management services for the food processing equipment. Ergonomics is a vital component of industrial engineering because it improves efficiency or process system performance. We try to optimize the human component of a system to take out the risk. Ergonomics is literally the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment, e.g., the pulling, bending, lifting, reaching or any number of physical tasks an employee is required to perform during production or cleaning. But ergonomics is not simply a health and safety initiative; it is an engineering initiative!

Drawing on experience from across the business, we provide a fully integrated approach to health and safety, incorporating diverse teams, best practices and specialist tools.

Relevant acquired tools include: 

  • USDA
  • CE

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Felcon develops innovative machines for the food processing industry, from standalone solutions to complete production lines. We will take care of everything, from engineering to commissioning, anywhere in the world.


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