Conveyor Belts

Felcon | Conveyor belts

All our Conveyor Belts are a high care solution. Our range of Conveyor Belts is available in all types available, from horizontal to vertical bulk materials transfers. The Conveyor Belt is designed to the best price/quality standards in functionality, hygiene and safety. 

Transport Augers

Felcon | Transport Augers

The Transport Augers are used to process bulk materials like diced or sliced onions, peppers, grains, pastas or other cut food products. Incline and buffer augers are used in combination with the FE centrifuges. The Augers are available with CIP system.

Water Transport Systems

Felcon | Water Transport Systems

Water Transport Systems are used for all kind of fresh-cut fruit and vegetables. An easy and clean transfer from cutting to washing in an open gully. But also available with product pumps and closed piping to transfer the product to the next process step somewhere in your factory.


Felcon | Platforms

The best product transfer is a transfer without any transport between different processes, but a direct transition. This often results in height problems. Therefore, we offer platforms to support heavy equipment, but also for walk gantries for the access to all machinery. Our Platforms are of high care quality and are easy to clean.

Felcon | Food Processing Solutions

Felcon develops innovative machines for the food processing industry, from standalone solutions to complete production lines. We will take care of everything, from engineering to commissioning, anywhere in the world.


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