The Felcon Veggie Fryer

The Felcon Veggie Fryer is our latest innovation in the field of vacuum combi frying of potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

The vacuum combi frying process is a 3-step process of atmospheric frying, vacuum frying and de-oiling through centrifuging. Because of the low temperature during the process, the formation of acrylamide is almost not possible. 

Thanks to the Veggie Fryer, the production of tasty and low fat snacks can be realized. 


Combi Vacuum Kettle Fryer

Felcon | Combi vacuum kettle fryer

Ultimate frying solution for a broad variety of products. Suitable for combination of ambient frying, vacuum frying and vacuum de-oiling.

Felcon | Food Processing Solutions

Felcon develops innovative machines for the food processing industry, from standalone solutions to complete production lines. We will take care of everything, from engineering to commissioning, anywhere in the world.


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