Centrifuges | FE series

The Felcon FE centrifuges are used to dry all kind of vegetables and have different sizes and G-Force capabilities. 

The FE centrifuge system has a continuous automatic process. Furthermore, all centrifuges have a hygienic design. This equipment is containing a minimum of movable machine parts and minimizing damage to the products. Results in safe production process and easy access for cleaning.

Suction Belt

The ideal process for dewatering leaf vegetables or potato products. Or drying hard byte vegetables such as peppers, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.

Multiple water suctions inlets and air knives driven by 1 fan per unit, and saves 50% energy costs. Water separation by cyclones instead of increasing the ambient humidity.

Hot Air Drying

The hot air dryer, or also called the dehydrator or drying oven, is the solution for example “sun” dried tomatoes. Adjustable temperature up to 250C. and time controlled. The dehydrators have space for 1 trolley with 20 racks.

Air Dryer

The ideal process for conditioning all fresh cut salads before packing. Fully dry salad or with a minimum moisture at a low temperature are essential before packaging. This can easily be achieved with Felcon’s air dryer.

Industrial Vacuum Centrifuge

In addition to drying by centrifugal force, the vacuum centrifuge has the benefit to extract more liquids concentrates solutes from a liquid sample into a dry state or a wet pellet state. Optional equipment is available for blowing down heat or gas to evaporate liquid and to concentrate proteins.

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