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Processing parsnips

Felcon has been a specialist in supplying food processing solutions for over 30 years.

Whether it is about trimming or vacuum frying larger amounts of parsnips, or de-oiling parsnips crisps, Felcon is offering various processing solutions.

Our fully automatic parsnip trimming line is removing tops and tails from the parsnips in just one process.

Are you interested in this solutions? We have a demo unit available in Everdingen (NL). For questions, feel free to contact us.


All our machines & processing lines meet the high requirements in terms of hygiene and safety, are easy to clean, low-maintenance and ergonomic

Processing parsnips
 | Technische informatie
Based on a previous design Felcon has further developed and optimized the design of which the latest parsnip trimming line is the result.
The parsnip trimmer is cutting the tops and tails of the parsnips in one process.
The line comes as a complete stand-alone unit.
Are you interested?
We have a demo unit available at our Everdingen factory.
If you want to fry parsnips Felcon has developed a unique frying technology.
Because frying is done at maximum 140 degrees there is little to no formation of acrylamide making the product healthier.
In addition the frying is done in combination with de-oiling using centrifugal forces, which significantly reduces the fat percentage in the fried parsnips.
The result is a crunchy parsnip with a natural colour and taste.
Are you triggered?
We have a demo unit available at our Everdingen factory.
Have you fried your parsnip the conventional way but you wish to remove the excess oil before packing?
Felcon has developed a deoiling centrifuge to reduce the oil/fat level.
The collected oil can be re-used if desired.
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