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Processing onions

Felcon has been a specialist in supplying food processing solutions for over 30 years.

Whether you want to  dry or dewater, fry, de-oil or otherwise process onions, Felcon has developed a range of processing solutions.

Is your product not listed? Or is the process you are looking for not on our website? Do not hesitate to contact us. Given the ongoing developments within our organization, it may just be that we can still offer you a suitable solution.


All our machines & processing lines meet the high requirements in terms of hygiene and safety, are easy to clean, low-maintenance and ergonomic.


Processing onions
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If you wish to remove the excess water from your cut onions in an easy and hygienic way Felcon’s centrifuge lines are the perfect solution to dry your product before it is further processed.
Felcon has developed a unique vacuum frying technology for frying onions. Because this is done at maximum 140 degrees there is little to no formation of acrylamide resulting in a healthier product. In addition frying is combined with a vacuum de-oiling step using centrifugal forces resulting in fried onions with a significantly lower fat percentage (in comparison with regular frying).
Do you want to remove excess oil from your fried onions before packing? Felcon has developed a range of de-oiling centrifuges for that application. The removed oil can be collected and be re-used.
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