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Felcon offers solutions for detailed or bulk weighing of crates, baskets or trays of fruit, vegetables or other food related products.

If you want to mix for instance chopped vegetables, it is desirable to weigh your ingredients before they are mixed and packaged to ensure continuous quality.

The same applies to other fruit of vegetables where the weight is particularly important for further processing for your recipe (or that of your client) and the continuity of the production process.

The weighing belts consist of conveyor belts that are equipped with a weighing system for weighing your product(s) and can be used in specific circumstances as extreme cold or warm environment.

The weighers are easy to expand with for instance a centrifuge, washer, filling unit, sorting table, conveyor belts etcetera.


All our machines & processing lines meet the high requirements in terms of hygiene and safety, are easy to clean, low-maintenance and ergonomic.

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In our weighing-filling machine the washed and centrifuged products can be poured per type (or mixed) and weighed based on the program you have set.
In this way, bulk deliveries can be put together, or you can precisely weigh the composition of your desired mix for each product before mixing.
The Felcon weighing solutions achieve maximum yield and accuracy for product mixes or individual product processing lines.
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