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Felcon has over 30 years of experience in designing and producing industrial centrifuges for the food processing industry. Worldwide over 700 centrifuges are operational.


For dewatering/spin drying larger quantities of product as lettuce, salad, processed onions, (fresh cut) vegetables but also plant-based materials being used in the production of vegetarian or vegan products.

Felcon centrifuges/spinners are the perfect solution for spin-drying delicate products as baby leaf as well as heavier food products as slices onions, cubed carrots or potatoes. The result is an end product with a low moisture content and therefore a longer shelf life.

The spinners are available in different capacities and related to that come with different G-forces.

All centrifuges can be operated 24/7. With a Felcon centrifuge a maximum return on investment can be obtained as well as an optimum product result.


The capacity of the centrifuge depends of the bulk weight of the product. Based on the information you provide we would be happy to advise you on the capacity needed for your application.

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FE500 series
FE510 single centrifuge including conveyors
FE510 Duo centrifuge including conveyors
FE510K centrifuge for fish roe/caviar including conveyors
FE510K Duo centrifuge for fish roe/caviar, including conveyors
FE800 series
FE810 single centrifuge including conveyors
FE810 Duo centrifuge including conveyors
FE820 single centrifuge including conveyors
FE820 Duo centrifuge including conveyors
FE1000 series
FE1020 single centrifuge including conveyors
FE1020 Duo centrifuge including conveyors
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