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Processing lines

Extensive process lines are also possible

In addition to standalone machines, we can also supply complete process lines.

You can think of, for example, centrifuge lines with a variety of conveyor belts including washers, filling and weighing stations, platforms etcetera, or a rocess line that focuses on vacuum frying or, for example, de-oiling your fried product. .

Onion processing line.

Custom made

In principle, matters such as fitting a Felcon process line into an existing production space, between existing process lines, or an internal logisticsal challenge within the space available for you, are not a problem.

Our team of engineers can work out a detailed design based on the information you provide, so that you get an accurate correct picture of how a new situation would turn out for you.

We would be happy to look at your personal situation for the most suitable customized solution for you.

Interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
30+ years experience in the food processing industry
Operational in over 40 countries
+700 Projects installed worldwide
Felcon machine features:
Capable to run 24/7 
Perfect end product
Long economical and 
technical life 
Low cost of ownership
Hygienic design
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