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Fruit & vegetable washing machines

Felcon offers washing solutions for both floating products and products that sink.

Features of the Felcon washers:

  • The spray nozzles and air flow under water ensure a perfect water flow and swirl, so that your product is optimally washed.
  • Sand, dirt and bugs are filtered out during washing.
  • The installation uses cool water from your fsacility.
  • The washing water is filtered and is reused.
  • Optional a flycatcher can be installed, which filters insects and small floating unwanted particles.

All our machines & processing lines meet the high requirements in terms of hygiene and safety, are easy to clean, low-maintenance and ergonomic.

Fruit & vegetable washing machines
 | Technische informatie
The basketwasher has the smallest capacity within the range of Felcon washers.
Depending on the entered washing time, the capacity has a maximum of three 40 liter baskets per minute.
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