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Pineapple & melon peeling machine

PMP800 pineapple & melon peeler

The pineapple peeler PMP800 is a semi automatic industrial peeling machine developed for the peeling process of:

  • pineapples
  • melons
  • pumpkins
  • squash
  • and other round shaped foods that can be peeled

The yield of this peeler is up to 400 pc/hr.

The peeling blade follows the shape of the product, minimizing product waste.

While peeling the first product the next product can manually be placed onto the carrousel (8 positions).

Positioning is easy by using a laser to determine the center of the product.

The machine is equipped with an automatic product ejector.

The peeling thickness and rotation speed (64 different recipes) can be adjusted, so you can process different products.

Video PMP800 peeler




  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy product loading.
  • Carrousel with eight positions.
  • Fully programmable machine control.
  • Recipe selection function: peeling thickness and rotation speed.
  • Peeling blade follows individual shape, so less product waste.
  • Automatic product ejector.
  • Easy to clean due to hygienic design.

Which products can be processed:

  • All peelable round fruits and vegetables with a diameter in between 150 to 350 mm and maximum height of 350 mm such as pineapples, melons, pumpkins, squash etc.
  • De-coring function for pineapples.


  • Outfeed belt.
  • Waste discharge belt.
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