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MP400 melon peeling machine

MP400 melon peeler

The MP400 melon peeler is a semi-automatic peeling machine for peeling of the skin of almost all types of melons/pumpkins/squash and has a capacity up to 400 pc/hr.

This is achieved because of the fact that while one product is being peeled another can already be positioned.

The peeling blade follows the shape of the product, minimizing product waste.

Positioning is made more easy by using an sensor pointing the center of the product.

The MP400 can peel different melon/pumpkin/squash types based on programmed recipes.

The product is ejected automatically.

Video MP400 melon peeler



  • Easy operable.
  • Easy product loading.
  • Carousel with six positions.
  • Fully programmable machine control.
  • Recipe selection function (peeling thickness and speed).
  • Automatic product ejector.
  • Easy to clean due to hygienic design.

Which products can the MP400 peel:

All peelable round fruits and vegetables with a diameter in between 150 to 350 MM and a height up to 350 MM, such as melon, pumpkins, squash etc.


  • Outfeed belt.
  • Waste discharge belt.
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