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For drying products as lettuce, salad, onions, vegetables or a mix thereof, or dewatering raw materials for the plant-based / meat substitute industry.


The Felcon FE centrifuges/spinners are especially designed for dewatering delicate products as babyleaf lettuce, but also products with a higher bulk density as chopped onions are extremely suitable to be dried in a Felcon centrifuge. The Felcon centrifuges will realize a low product moisture content and thus a longer product shelf life.

Our centrifuge lines are delivered with conveyors and control panel.

Our centrifuges are available in different sizes, capacities and with different G-forces.

All centrifuges are capable to run 24/7. This way you achieve a maximum return on investment and an optimal production result.


The capacity of each centrifuge depends on the bulk capacity of the product you want to process. We are happy to give you appropriate advice based on the information you provide.

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FE500 series
FE510 single centrifuge.
FE510 Duo centrifuge.
FE510K centrifuge for processing fish roe/caviar.
FE800 series
FE810 single centrifuge.
FE810 Duo centrifuge.
FE820 single centrifuge.
FE820 Duo centrifuge.
FE1000 series
FE1020 single centrifuge.
FE1020 Duo centrifuge.
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