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An overview of Felcon food processing solutions

Dewatering, deoiling, peeling, trimming, vacuum frying, washing or weighing

All these processes can be done with Felcon equipment.

Felcon has more then 30 years of experience in the design and production of industrial high volume centrifuges for the food processing industry, especially (processed) vegetables and fruit.

In addition to the continuous monitoring and fine-tuning of our existing machines, we are also looking for new applications for our machines or the processing of other products.

For instance:

  • dewatering/centrifuging raw materials/plant based material for meat substitutes or vegan products;
  • dewatering/centrifuging semi-finished product as preparation for e.g. baking or frying;
  • deoiling/centrifuging fried products.

All Felcon food processing solutions are a 100% Dutch design and are made in Holland.

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30+ Years experience in the food processing industry
Operational in over 40 countries
700+ Projects installed worldwide
Felcon machine features:
Capable to run 24/7 
Perfect end product
Long economical and 
technical life 
Low cost of ownership
Hygienic design